Midwinter Fire Press is an independent publisher based in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom that is devoted to the publication of powerful poetry and prose, art books, and academic research.

Co-owners Sabin and Danielle Densmore founded Midwinter Fire in 2011 in order to support the publication and expanded distribution of Victor Densmore’s poetry. In 2014, they decided to start the process of slowly expanding in order to be able to accept additional authors.

Danielle has spent her life devoted to art, sociology, anthropology, and history and is the key contact for related submissions. She is currently finishing up her studies as a high school history teacher.

Sabin holds a B.A. in Literature and an M.A. in Education Research. He published his thesis on the nature of recurring problems as self-perpetuating entities. He is an information architect/user experience designer, and a one-time newspaper reporter and poet.

Danielle and Sabin share the editorial process and their decision about whether to take on a particular author is based on whether they believe that the presented work makes either an aesthetic or informational impact on the world.