Midwinter Fire Press is a small and independent press in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. We are seeking submissions of exceptional literary merit from previously unpublished authors. We are interested in poetry and fiction, essays and research. If you’ve had the guts and drive to put your life and soul into something, we think it should be given a chance to breathe and be shared with others.

We especially encourage previously unpublished authors to send us their work, as we are most interested in helping those who are unheard be found.

We accept submissions throughout the year. You can email your manuscript to us (as a PDF attachment) to info (at) midwinterfire.com.

You can expect a response from us within 1 – 6 months, depending on the number of submissions we’ve received. Out of the submissions we receive, we will choose between 1 and 3 of them to publish per year.

If we do choose to publish your work, we will be your partner in ensuring it gets the best treatment we can provide in editing, presentation, and reach.

We are not a vanity press: you don’t pay us to publish your work, and you don’t need to buy your own stuff in order to be published.

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